My apologies for the absence…

I’ve been traveling in Australia! I’m back now though and will be posting again actively.


I woke from a dream

(written january 2012)

What I thought was true
What I thought was real
Crashed down around me
Shattered and revealed

Moving through life
As if blinded and drugged
I accepted things
Because that’s what there was

It took a trip
To a foreign land
To open my eyes
And show me the sham

I’d convinced myself
That all was well
Not realizing that
I’d been living this hell

Denying myself
Of my heart’s desires
Living for others
I’d doused my fire

I can do it no more
I must make a change
Not sure if I can
It will cause so much pain

The heart wants what it wants
The mind leads the way
But most of the time
Lead each other astray

I’m losing my mind
Going completely mad
This new revelation
Is all that I have