Neo-Expressionist and Surrealist Art by Raul D’Mauries


Raul D’Mauries is an artist in the Bay Area. His work has been featured across California. A self-taught artist, Raul began painting with oils and acrylics in 2005. Surreal artists such as Salvador Dalí and René Magritte are major influences, but Raul defines his style as “low brow” or pop surrealism. He continues to experiment with different styles and mediums to improve his techniques.

Raul’s art will be featured at 3Dot Art Gallery in Alameda California for the month of October (2017). 3Dot Art Gallery is one of the businesses featured in Alameda’s 2nd Friday Art Walk. Check it out to see what other art events are happening. During the month of October, 3Dot’s neighbor gallery, Studio 23, will present it’s popular UV Blacklight Art Show. If you’re in the Bay Area, don’t miss a fun, free and sensory filled experience at both 3Dot Art Gallery and it’s sister gallery Studio 23!

Pandora's Box

Pandora’s Box, Oil on Panel, 2017

Raul Painting 2017

Raul D’Mauries at Work (2017)


The Art of Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki is an Los Angeles, California based artist whose works are contradictions within themselves. Her pieces are both innocent and erotic; attractive yet disturbing. Audrey’s precise technical style is at once influenced by both manga comics and Art Nouveau. Her sharp graphic imagery is combined with the natural grain of the wood panels she paints on, bringing an unexpected warmth to enigmatic subject matter.

The figures she paints are seductive and contain an air of melancholy. They exist in their own sensually esoteric realm, yet at the same time present a sense of accessibility that draws the observer to them. These mysterious young women captivate with the direct stare of seductive eyes.


It Was You
oil, graphite, and ink on wood panel 24″x24″ (2014)


oil, graphite, and ink on wood panel 20″x36″ (2014)


Maybe Tomorrow
oil, graphite, and ink on wood panel 24″x24″ (2014)


Her Way
oil, graphite, and ink on wood panel 18″x30″ (2013)


Time Will Tell
oil, ink, and graphite on wood 24″x18″ (2013)


You Come First
oil, acrylic, and graphite on wood panel 16″x16″ (2012)


oil, graphite, and ink on wood panel 35″x35″ (2014)


oil and graphite on wood panel 24″x24″ (2011)


oil and graphite on wood panel 24″x18″ (2011)


“Hyakki Yakou” 百鬼夜行 night parade (inspired by Hyakki Yako scroll)
oil and graphite on wood 25.5″x15.5″ (2009)


Here For Now
graphite and ink on paper 12″x16″ (2013)

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Astounding Self-Portraits by Eloy Morales

Spanish artist Eloy Morales has created eye-catching self portraits. All is not as it seems with the paint covered faces below. What is so impressive about someone covering his face in paint? Scroll through to the end and find out for yourself.

Morales painstakingly painted each one of these hyperrealistic pieces by hand. His work combines an astounding technical mastery of his art with an emotional understanding and depiction of his subject.