Great Mash-up!

I first saw this piece by photographer and artist Thomas Dodd on Facebook and loved the mash-up of the classic fantasy Alice in Wonderland with the more modern fantasy movie Donnie Darko. They are both fantastical tales of someone trying to find reality in a dark, surreal world. Replacing the traditional white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland with Frank from Donnie Darko merges the two worlds. It’s a unique take and I love it.

Alice and Frank 2013_Thomas DoddI visited Dodd’s website after viewing the mash-up image and fell in love with the rest of his work. Dodd is an Atlanta, GA (USA) based photographer and digital artist whose work blurs the lines between photography and classical art. His photographic images seamlessly blend the worlds of fantasy and surrealism and have been featured in magazines, on book covers, and in art galleries around the world. Find more of his work here.

Elementals_Thomas Dodd


Cloud of Unknowing_Thomas Dodd

Cloud of Unknowing

Undine_Thomas Dodd


Head in the Clouds_Thomas Dodd

Head in the Clouds

Behind the Veil_Thomas Dodd

Behind the Veil

Brainstorm_Thomas Dodd


Dogma_Thomas Dodd


Anja Stiegler’s World Of Daydreams

Also known as PHOTOFLAKE, Anja Stiegler is based in Wolfsburg, Germany. Trained as a multimedia engineer, she began dabbling in photography and image editing in 2006. She is completely self-taught, but her passion for the medium shows in her surreal, dreamy work. Her photographs often portray women in surreal, stunning landscapes producing a magic world. She makes the impossible seem possible.

130402_behind_the_maskAnja StieglerAnja StieglerAnja StieglerAnja StieglerAnja Stieglerb2ap3_thumbnail_130525_follow_your_dreamsAnja-Stiegler_8600_600Anja-Stiegler_7600_600Anja-Stiegler_6600_600anja_stiegler06Most of Anja’s images are a mixture of surrealism and conceptualism. She imbues her work with feelings and emotions by using a combination of colors, light and imagination. Her inspiration stems from music, everyday life, and other artists like Rus Anson, Tim Walker or Annie Leibovitz. Anja is open-minded to new projects and collaborations with other artists.

anja_stiegler05 anja_stiegler04 anja_stiegler03 anja_stiegler02 anja_stiegler01 131217_little_guardians2 131027_storm_is_coming 131002_hidden_hero 130915_dream_in_an_open_place039-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler037-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler028-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler022-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler020-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler019-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler018-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler016-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler015-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler014-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler013-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler012-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler011-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler010-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler009-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler007-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler006-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler005-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler002-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler001-photo-manipulations-anja-stiegler

Amazing, Ethereal Photos by Weerapong Chaipuck

It’s hard to believe that Weerapong Chaipuck only started taking up photography after retiring from his career in medicine. I am fascinated by artists who paint images that are so real, they are mistaken for photographs. I have posted several blog entries on such art pieces. Yet, I am also fascinated by photographs of real, accessible places, people and things that are so beautiful they seem like they could only be the product of an artistic imagination and talent. Chaipuck’s photographs fall into this category. They are breathtaking, beautiful and mysterious. His images capture the spectacular beauty of Asian landscapes and traditions in stunningly atmospheric shots.

Check out his 500px page for more.

Rare Color Photographs from a Century Ago

I have always been fascinated with old photographs. They seem otherworldly and mysterious to me. I like to imagine what it would be like if I could step into that moment. I picture what color the girl’s dress is and what the man smoking the pipe sounds like when he laughs. It’s like time-travel; a privileged glimpse into the lives of people and times long gone. This is why I love these rare color photographs from the early 1900’s Russia and France. They are not retouched, but are actual color photographs at a time when color photography was not common. The bright colors and quality of the images make it difficult to believe that you are looking back more than 100 years in time.

The Russian photographs were taken by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii who completed a photographic survey of the Russian Empire with the support of Tsar Nicholas II. He used a specialized camera to capture three black and white images in quick succession, using red, green and blue filters. These were later combined and projected with filtered lanterns to show near true color images.

An Armenian woman in national costume poses for Prokudin-Gorskii on a hillside near Artvin (in present day Turkey), 1910

Self-portrait of Prokudin-Gorskii on the Karolitskhali River, 1910.

Emir Seyyid Mir Mohammed Alim Khan, the Emir of Bukhara, seated holding a sword in Bukhara, (present-day Uzbekistan), 1910

A boy leans on a wooden gatepost in the Ural Mountains, 1910.

A man and woman pose in Dagestan, ca. 1910.

More of Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii’s beautiful photographs can be viewed here.

The French photos were taken using Autochrome Lumière technology. A technique patented in 1903 by French filmmakers Auguste and Louis Lumière. It utilized a number of emulsion layers (including one consisting of dyed potato starch) to lock in natural color on a permanent glass negative.

Paris Soldiers, 1900s

Market Square, Paris 1900s

Soldier and Cannon, Paris 1900s

French Soldier, 1915

More photos can be found here and here.

Stunning Photography by Elena Shumilova

Russian artist Elena Shumilova’s experience in sketching and painting lend her an eye for photographic composition. Her passion for photography began in 2012 when she started taking pictures of her children. Her images are personal and heartwarming, with visual and emotional depth. She captures enchanting images by taking advantage of her natural surroundings including lighting, colors and weather conditions.

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson

creative-photo-manipulation-erik-johansson-1 creative-photo-manipulation-erik-johansson-10 creative-photo-manipulation-erik-johansson-2Erik Johansson, a Swedish photographer and digital artist, who was previously a computer engineering student, has excelled in photography art design despite a lack of professional training in photography. His wildly creative photos present a duality of surrealism and reality.

More here.

Photo Manipulations by Caras Ionut

surreal-photo-manipulations-caras-ionut-11 surreal-photo-manipulations-caras-ionut-13 surreal-photo-manipulations-caras-ionut-4 surreal-photo-manipulations-caras-ionut-17Caras Ionut is a Romanian photographer and digital artist who excels at digital art and photography. He creates images that are both beautiful and surreal. Ionut says that his imagination and his work are captivated by dreams and by the autumn and winter seasons. He creates dream-like moods in his works with a  combination of soft, hazy colors and impossible subjects of beautiful compositions.

More Here

Dreamlike Photos by Kylli Sparre

surreal-photography-kylli-sparre-3 surreal-photography-kylli-sparre-1surreal-photography-kylli-sparre-2It is never too late to change directions in life and begin following your dreams…  I should know. I’m doing exactly that. But,  photographer Kylli Sparre is a perfect example of this – she discovered that she wanted to be a photographer only after completing professional ballet school.

“When the studies were over, I realized it wasn’t the path for me. I have been searching for an outlet for my creativity ever since. [A few] years ago I found it in photography and never looked back,” writes the artist on her website. The influence of her professional ballet experience is clear in her current photography work – the models in her surreal and dream-like pictures are filled with grace, effortless poise, elegance and beauty.

More of Kylli Sparre