Lifelike Sculptures by Sam Jinks

These sculptures are so lifelike, I keep expecting them to move. After seeing more, I’m rather glad that they can’t. The Australian visual artist’s sculptures amaze, impress and leave you slightly uncomfortable. He uses silicone, resin and fiberglass to create his hyper-realistic art.

Many people feel that Sam’s work produces a creepy effect by existing in the “uncanny valley.” This is the idea that when human features are close, but not exactly, like natural human beings, it causes a response of aversion or revulsion. For example, the sculpture of a face without eyes or a mouth may fall into this category.  No matter how you feel about his work, it’s truly incredible and worth sharing.

Source: Sam Jinks via Viral Nova

Astounding Self-Portraits by Eloy Morales

Spanish artist Eloy Morales has created eye-catching self portraits. All is not as it seems with the paint covered faces below. What is so impressive about someone covering his face in paint? Scroll through to the end and find out for yourself.

Morales painstakingly painted each one of these hyperrealistic pieces by hand. His work combines an astounding technical mastery of his art with an emotional understanding and depiction of his subject.