Affecting Art on Vintage Book Pages by Loui Jover

Australian based artist Loui Jover creates works that embody emotions and meaning. His compositions illustrate a range of ideas and feelings, but I am mostly drawn to his melancholic and intellectual pieces. He creates images using ink on vintage book pages resulting in a sense of fragility and an ephemeral quality. Stark black lines, dripping with emotion, are set against intricately printed words on delicate pages. The combination of pages and images are improvised and formed as chance permits. The resulting combinations offer a complex fusion of depth and meaning that feel as if an entire novel is contained in one image. The observer takes away his or her own meaning from the thoughts an feelings provoked by Jover’s pieces.





This is just a small representation of Jover’s work. He has an amazing collection. Check more out at these links:  Facebook and pieces for sale at Saatchi Art

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