Malamp Reliquaries by Brandon Ballengée

Very Interesting mix of art and science.

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“Visually, they really [looked] like victims of Agent Orange or dioxin or Chernobyl,” he says. “That, from an environmental standpoint, really concerned me.”

Morpheus, 2013. Iris print on Arches watercolor paper. Cleared and stained Pacific tree frog collected in Aptos, California in collaboration with Stanley K. Sessions. The white dots near the base of the frog’s tail are the parasitic cysts that caused it to develop additional limbs.

Malamp Reliquaries” is an amphibian portrait series by artist and biologist Brandon Ballengée. Malamp is short for “malformed amphibian” and a reliquary is a container or shrine in which sacred relics are kept. Brandon has a unique perspective on the issue as both an artist and biological scientist. He graduate from the University of Cincinnati’s Art Academy in 1996 and earned a Ph.D. in biology from University of Plymouth, England in 2008. Brandon became interested in amphibian malformations in the…

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