Welcome to Discover Arts in Science!

This is another blog I am starting that covers the overlap of art in science and vice versa. As a scientist and artist, it is a passion of mine.

Discover Arts in Science

This blog will showcase art pieces and scientific research that blur the line between the arts and sciences. I have a fascination with both art and science. The two fields integrate and overlap, yet we treat them successively. Without creativity and innovative thinking, which is at the heart of an artist, we would not have advanced to such great heights in the sciences. Artists test new ideas, media, forms of expression and concepts with scientific rigor and curiosity. Scientists think creatively and measure, quantify and observe the beauty of the natural world, including math, physics and biology. Both professions seek a form of truth and method of examining the world around us. The two fields are distinct in ways, but it is the overlap that enthralls me.

Close up of Eye Close Up of Human Eye

I am a scientist by training and an artist at heart. I have a Ph.D. in Ecological Genomics…

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