Sensous Sculpture Garden

Bruno Torf created one of Australia’s’ most beautiful sculpture gardens, a rain forest filled with amazing art work blended with the natural surroundings. Bruno Torfs - Tutt'Art@ Bruno Torfs - Tutt'Art@ (25) Bruno Torfs - Tutt'Art@ (24) Bruno Torfs - Tutt'Art@ (20) Torf was born in South America and  moved to Europe at the age of 15.  An adventurous spirit and a passion for traveling took him on many trips around the world. After spending several years traveling, Bruno and his family moved to Australia. He had formulated  a vision in the sculpture garden and found the perfect place to bring it to life. The location in Maryville, a small Victorian village near Melbourne, offered the ideal location with luscious, sub-alpine forests and large patches of rain forests. In these forests, Bruno created an inspiring and beautiful fantasy world influenced by his travels.

Bruno Torfs - Tutt'Art@ (30) Bruno Torfs - Tutt'Art@ (29) Bruno Torfs - Tutt'Art@ (27) Bruno Torfs - Tutt'Art@ (12) Bruno Torfs - Tutt'Art@ (1)Disaster struck in February 2009 when the Black Saturday bushfires overtook the area. The result was one of Australia’s most devastating wildfires ever recorded. Despite authorities prohibiting locals to enter the town, Bruno was convinced that his artworks were destroyed. Surprisingly, a large number of his sculptures survived the fire, so the artist decided to rebuild his beloved garden.

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Great Mash-up!

I first saw this piece by photographer and artist Thomas Dodd on Facebook and loved the mash-up of the classic fantasy Alice in Wonderland with the more modern fantasy movie Donnie Darko. They are both fantastical tales of someone trying to find reality in a dark, surreal world. Replacing the traditional white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland with Frank from Donnie Darko merges the two worlds. It’s a unique take and I love it.

Alice and Frank 2013_Thomas DoddI visited Dodd’s website after viewing the mash-up image and fell in love with the rest of his work. Dodd is an Atlanta, GA (USA) based photographer and digital artist whose work blurs the lines between photography and classical art. His photographic images seamlessly blend the worlds of fantasy and surrealism and have been featured in magazines, on book covers, and in art galleries around the world. Find more of his work here.

Elementals_Thomas Dodd


Cloud of Unknowing_Thomas Dodd

Cloud of Unknowing

Undine_Thomas Dodd


Head in the Clouds_Thomas Dodd

Head in the Clouds

Behind the Veil_Thomas Dodd

Behind the Veil

Brainstorm_Thomas Dodd


Dogma_Thomas Dodd