Darkly Seductive Creations

Photo-manipulation / Digital Painting by Marcela Bolivar

Savage Temple (2014)

Gorgona (2012)

The Lake (2012)

Marcela is a digital artist who has used photo-manipulation since 2004 to visualize her inspirations. She has developed her unique style, combining multiple techniques such as painting, drawing and even sculpture as part of the execution of her work. Her compositions are all based in photographs and undergo complex transformations, assembly and detailing that brings them closer to a visual expression. (more here)

Alessandra Maria’s Mystical Muses

Sofia (2013)

Ophelia (2013)

Sisters II (2014)

Alessandra Maria is making waves with her mysterious, mixed-media art since graduating from Pratt Institute in 2012. Her work depicts long-haired, nymph-like figures adorned with gold leaf-laden flower petals and butterflies. The monotone color of each piece enhances the slightly menacing or melancholy air of the figures whose gazes range between timid, apprehensive and sinister.

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