Anja Stiegler’s World Of Daydreams

Also known as PHOTOFLAKE, Anja Stiegler is based in Wolfsburg, Germany. Trained as a multimedia engineer, she began dabbling in photography and image editing in 2006. She is completely self-taught, but her passion for the medium shows in her surreal, dreamy work. Her photographs often portray women in surreal, stunning landscapes producing a magic world. She makes the impossible seem possible.

130402_behind_the_maskAnja StieglerAnja StieglerAnja StieglerAnja StieglerAnja Stieglerb2ap3_thumbnail_130525_follow_your_dreamsAnja-Stiegler_8600_600Anja-Stiegler_7600_600Anja-Stiegler_6600_600anja_stiegler06Most of Anja’s images are a mixture of surrealism and conceptualism. She imbues her work with feelings and emotions by using a combination of colors, light and imagination. Her inspiration stems from music, everyday life, and other artists like Rus Anson, Tim Walker or Annie Leibovitz. Anja is open-minded to new projects and collaborations with other artists.

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She is wearing red shoes
Red Converse with black hose
A hole torn at the knee
Tattered jean skirt with a studded belt
An oversized sweatshirt and bangles
That could be me
Twenty years ago
Her headphones are smaller
So is her hair
But her world is larger
We are connected in
So many ways these days
My younger self was more
And free


Prague Old Tramby Yuriy Shevchuk

Yellow railings on the tram, like solid streaks of sun
Yellow triangles repeating patterns on rows of seats
Yellow stripes on the roadside blurred into a continuous stream
Yellow balloon trapped in the branches of a twisting tree
Yellow bird singing atop a red, sloping roof
Yellow car illegally parked with a
Yellow ticket placed on the window
Yellow shirt of a woman clutching her
Yellow purse as she stands to depart
Yellow blanket wrapped around a baby holding a
Yellow rattle shaped like a giraffe
Yellow signs streak by in yellow blurs of light and color
The world is a collage of shapes and colors
When you see it, everything becomes unreal
A replica of the city, like a cardboard set
In a child’s play

My Mannequin Family

Art director Suzanne Heintz got so tired of being asked the same question over and over again – “Why aren’t you married yet?” – that she decided to solve the problem in her own, unique way. She created herself a family of mannequins and took them with her everywhere. Over 14 years and 10,000 miles, she has created a story by making a statement and making art. Her vimeo page has several excellent videos of the project, the process and the activities she did with her “family”.

A Beautiful New Genre: Cinematic Poetry

What is this spirit in man that urges him forever to depart from happiness, to toil and to place himself in danger?

A Solitary World is an homage to H.G. Wells from PBS Digital Studios and filmmaker James W. Griffiths. The text is adapted from: The Time Machine (1895), The Island of Dr. Moreau (1896), The First Men in the Moon (1901), In The Days of the Comet (1906), The World Set Free (1914). Terry Burns is the narrator and the haunting score is from British composer Lennert Busch. It is a breathtaking labor of love in an emerging creative genre: the cinematic poem.


A Solitary World: