Lifelike Sculptures by Sam Jinks

These sculptures are so lifelike, I keep expecting them to move. After seeing more, I’m rather glad that they can’t. The Australian visual artist’s sculptures amaze, impress and leave you slightly uncomfortable. He uses silicone, resin and fiberglass to create his hyper-realistic art.

Many people feel that Sam’s work produces a creepy effect by existing in the “uncanny valley.” This is the idea that when human features are close, but not exactly, like natural human beings, it causes a response of aversion or revulsion. For example, the sculpture of a face without eyes or a mouth may fall into this category.  No matter how you feel about his work, it’s truly incredible and worth sharing.

Source: Sam Jinks via Viral Nova

4 thoughts on “Lifelike Sculptures by Sam Jinks

  1. very realistic look… at first I thought it was just a set of photos … not sure I can say I like it but I am definitely not indifferent to it – I do recognise the amount of work it must have taken to complete and the effort in replicating the very detail of natural look …

    • I wouldn’t want one in my home, but I like his work. It captures gritty emotion and reality… and unreality! I find beauty in the skill, talent and ability to stir emotions and cause reactions.

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