Imagine a Demon

Imagine a peaceful life; full of beauty and hope
I was told I should try

But, I cannot find my way; the path is overgrown
A demon blinds my eye

John could always see his way; he radiated love
And lived his life in peace

But Poe’s verse also sings to me, of a passion drawn from
A somewhat different stream

You could say that I’m a dreamer, maybe a bit macabre and
All I’ve loved has been alone

But Lennon he was lightness; and Edgar he was not
I am both love and sorrow
I am both light and dark

One thought on “Imagine a Demon

  1. John did radiated love and fought for it most of his living days. Ironically, (‘don’t you think’) it put him in a place equal to the likes of Poe and eventually a sad brutal death.
    As a fan of Lewis Carol, I believe John had some Poe fascination more than we know. Just sayin’… “Elementary penguin singing Hari Krishna/Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe.”

    Nice poem btw 😉

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