The Zombie Apocalypse in My Brain

(Written on May 4, 2011)

I woke up way too early this morning from a horrifyingly detailed dream. I was a gourmet chocolatier in the 1850s in a posh part of a large city. I was doing very well for myself, despite being a single mother with a severely disturbed, psychotic child. I had just made a huge sale to one of the city’s elite socialites when things went downhill. A zombie apocalypse overtook the city. I managed to survive and make it to an underground section of the train station where a small group of other survivors were holding out. We did well for several weeks until one by one we became infected. It started with a teenage girl whose mother was hiding the fact that she was bitten and then began to spread throughout the group. The most disturbing part was when my 5 year old child became infected and one of the men in the group snapped his neck. The “child” just got right back up and charged at me trying to devour my flesh! Of course, he was running backwards because his head was twisted around. Then the barriers were breached and hordes of zombies flooded in to eat our delicious, delicious brains. Argh!!!!

I woke up, terrified from the realism of it. The dream was in color and there were detailed plot lines behind each of the characters (zombie hordes excluded). I could even hear the breaking bones of the undead as we beat them off with bats and metal pipes. What is wrong with my brain?!?

I have had several of these zombie-themed dreams in the past year. I will post them over the next few weeks and record new ones as they occur (which is pretty frequently).

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