In response to a reporter who asked “What is intelligence?,”a scientist at MIT replied “What color is jealousy?”

I love it! Intelligence is a very elusive concept to define. We should all learn to accept our own and respect the diversity of intelligence displayed by others. For decades, we have tried to confine intelligence to a number or score on a test. But, this only measures one aspect of it. We are not limited to numbers, words or analytical problems… Intelligence is a deep pool in which each of us has the full ability to dive and explore. We only need practice and dedication to expand our intelligence in any area of our life. Creativity, empathy, art, cooking, relationships, math, athletics, poetry, mechanics, self-awareness…. These are but a few examples of intelligence. Embrace yourself and explore your own personal intelligence. It could lead to new and exciting things, or at the very least increased self-confidence and self-awareness.

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