America the Beautiful

O beautiful polluted skies
Genetically modified grain
For purple mountains mined for ore
Above the pesticide plains!
America! America!
We dump our waste on thee
And tear down the woods to grow our food
From sea to oil drenched sea!

I wrote this on a whim while putting together a presentation on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (2010) for work.

15 Writers’ Bedrooms

I love glimpsing into other peoples’ lives, especially those to whom I already feel I have a connection. I absolutely love the simple elegance of Dickinson’s room. It is reminiscent of her poems. My room is much closer to William S. Burroughs’ but mine has a softer feel due to the dark wooden floors and lack of wires and pipes.

Literary Style: 15 Writers’ Bedrooms

Simple Elegance of Emily Dickinson

Immortal Impressions

“Emily Bronte was a cunt!” he shouted.
As he babbled to himself; unapologetic.

For he was once a king of kings
His scepter wielded; a broken cane.
A crown obscured by dirt and grime
Shone through the syphilitic pain.
Replaced by a cheap metallic whore,
His stately daguerreotype fell from grace.
Seduced by a swooning maiden’s tale,
The deadly vapors swirled and paced.

“Coleridge and Blake were faggots!” he screamed.
Stumbling down the street; unapologetic.